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The Barnett College computer club in 2010...

Mark "Mods" Lovegrove project leader & music
Mark's favourite point & click adventure is Fate of Atlantis and has always wanted to make an Indiana Jones™ game like it himself. Mark took over the FoY project in 2001 and reformed it with a new team, new ideas & fresh gameplay. Mark also enjoys film-making and music composition and is known for his MIDI music in AGS games & some by Ben Croshaw.

Misja "Miez" van Laatum lead artist
Misja has an amazing ability to re-create graphics that look and feel just like Fate of Atlantis. He joined the project in 2003 and since then has delivered some of the most memorable art ever seen of an Indiana Jones™ fan project. Miez creates everything arty we need, and his talents stretch even further... He has recently made his own game in AGS, Temple of Ballz!1

Lorn Conner lead writer
Lorn has a big passion for all things Indiana Jones™, especially the movies. He's a top class writer who knows exactly how to bring the right elements of action, adventure & humour into an Indiana Jones™ script, so we were lucky to get him before Lucas or Spielberg did! Lorn joined in 2004 and has since developed a breathtaking story for the game with well written dialogue.

Jan "dkh" Simon lead programmer
Jan has an extensive knowledge of programming in AGS and has undertaken some of the trickiest feats using the engine possible, including creating an RTS game and also AGS's very first 3D shooter plugin. He's here to help make the game feel & play like the original games, whilst giving his own unique ideas to the table about great programming features in the game!

Nacho "Farlander" Ayala character art
Nacho has been active with the AGS community for many years, producing some fantastic pixel artwork in a style he has been perfecting for years. He was brought on board in 2006 to supply some additional sprites for the demo, but since then has taken over as lead character artist for the game. With over 50 characters to make, Nacho just hopes they won't all need walkcycles!

Lando Hermann lead play-tester & forum mod
Lando has been a moderator of the public FoY boards since early times, and has been on hand to the project since to help in a various number of different ways. Lando is always on hand to lead the testing of the game, to make us an installer or to sort out certain documentation. It's hard to say what his actual job here is, but let's just say he's got them all covered, and we like it!

Paul Wilkinson additional art & coding
Paul is a new member to the team as of 2009 and is here to lend his assistance with background and character art touch-ups. He will also be helping in various other artistic & coding areas. Paul works for a computer game company who make console titles, so his knowledge is key to the games success. He's also set-up a high-tech management system for the project, so look out!

Kai Ortmann character animator & designer
Kai is our first official 2010 member of the team. As an officer of art, Kai will be animating a large number of existing character designs / objects and will also be in charge of designing and animating many of his own characters. Kai and Nacho will work closely together on some very sophisticated animation. Kai also runs his own Indy adventure project. It was FoY that originally inspired his love for art and Adventure Game Studio.

Blaze Sanecki senior programmer
Blaze came on board to assist Jan and Paul in the programming department. As our second official 2010 member, Blaze is a formidable weapon when it comes to rapid coding exercises and he shares the adventure spirit. With Jan and Blaze working co-side each other, FoY's production time shortens as we build our game with twice the caliber. Blaze also worked with Paul on a console title for a period and built several mini-games.

Made with Adventure Game Studio (AGS) by Chris Jones

Jocke "Yokay" Andersson original concept
Federico Schwindt additional story design
Shawn "Rodekill" Guzzo additional story design
Amberle "Pesty" Johnson researcher
Tom Vandepole power-suite coding

More credits coming soon...

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The original team consisted of Jocke Andersson, Terje Salomonsson, Radek Smektala and Mark Lovegrove. Also Robert Tomedi and Jack Homer leant a hand. FoY was originally being developed under the name "UA Studios".