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Over the development period we find ourselves creating bits and bobs, sometimes for tests sometimes just for fun. Never-the-less, we've decided to dump them all here for you to download. Don't forget you'll be able to find more bits and pieces at the forum!

Mini Games

A special Easter treat for 2011 is a small example of our arcade fighting system by Jan Simon that will feature in the full game. Players will be able to choose from classic style, or arcade. With the arcade version, you can even hook up an XBox 360 controller! Check it out, and fight your best mate! Thanks to Jan Simon and Paul Wilkinson for making this early preview happen.

To celebrate Christmas 2011 and the start of 2012, Screen 7 released a festive mini-game called Passage of Saints. It's free to play and is an extension to the popular animations by Misja. Click the image to have a go and find out what happens for yourself!

To celebrate Christmas 2008 as well as the start of the new year we made a short joke game.
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Spheres (8.8Mb ZIP file).

Flash animations by Misja van Laatum

Silly Stuff

April 1st 2009 was celebrated by announcing the completely bogus "hostile takeover" of the FoY Team by Wadjet Eys Games (of "the Blackwell Legacy" and "the Shivah" fame). We've put the page up for posterity.
April Fool Page
Indy pulls a lever: Christmas Intro 2003
Broken traps: Christmas Intro 2004
You're in a world of trouble now: Christmas Intro 2005
A can of red herring: New Years' Intro 2006
HUGE success: Christmas Intro 2007

Indiana Jones costumes

Music - composed by Mark Lovegrove

desertfoy.mp3 mp3 music (just for fun, for the intro page)
splash2002.mp3 mp3 music (2002 website splash screen)
splash2003.mp3 mp3 music (2003 website splash screen)
splash2004.mp3 mp3 music (2004 website splash screen)
splash2004b.mp3 mp3 music (2004 website splash screen b)
splash2005.mp3 mp3 music (2005 website splash screen)
splash2006.mid midi music (2006 website splash screen)
splash2007.mp3 mp3 music (2007 website splash screen)
xmas_indy.mid midi music (used in christmas opening)
barnett_test.mid midi music
menu_test.mid midi music
intro_test.mid midi music
indy_test.mp3 mp3 music
early_indy.mp3 mp3 music (early mp3 test)
indy_xmas_flight.mp3 mp3 music (indy delivers presents)


deep and low wav
windy metal wav

indy-himself - voice actor Chris Lumb

"Burton? He's a crackpot!" wav sample
"The Scientists reward is knowledge..." wav sample
"Henry Jones Jr! It IS you!" wav sample

Help Dr Jones find the 6 differences on this cryptic wall panel...

Raiders of the Lost Ark fact: To shoot the scene on Sallah's roof, crew members had to remove 300 television antennas from homes in Kairouan, Tunisia. TV hadn't been invented in 1936.