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The point and click adventure, Indiana Jones and the Fountain of Youth is a fan-project being designed, created and developed by fans. We understand that "Indiana Jones", "Marcus Brody" and "Barnett College" are registered trademarks () of LucasFilm Ltd., LucasArts and George Lucas. All other characters and locations are original to the project.

All artwork, animation, music, sound, story, dialogue and other elements featured on the website and in the game is original and is in no way affiliated with LucasFilm Ltd., LucasArts or George Lucas. Original material related to Indiana Jones and the Fountain of Youth that has been created by one of the development team (Mark Lovegrove, Shawn Guzzo, Misja van Laatum, Alan Rodrigues, Lorn Conner, Amberle Johnson, Jan Simon & other team members) remains the property of Screen 7 Entertainment.

The project is FREEWARE and must under no circumstances be reproduced or sold for profit. It must be distributed in its entirety and any cases of the final product being sold for profit is a federal offence.

The music within the website and game is inspired by John Williams' score. All music within the "project" is original.

If you have any questions about the legality of this project, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Website designed by Misja van Laatum.

Front cover art by Misja van Laatum.

All OFFICIAL Screen 7 products come with a PRODUCT-ID code. For example; "S7FOY01-JHT". All official s7 CD's are marked for authenticity & recall. Please visit the forum for technical support.

As you can imagine, we want this project to suceed as much as you do. Therefore we need your help. Please don't breach our policy, and please let us know if you want to use any artwork from the website.