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Marcus Brody's News Archive

What About A Writer? 4th February 2004
Thanks to everyone who's submitted an application for this position. They've all been superb. Dr Jones is highly impressed. I'll let you know soon who has been chosen to help assist the writing of Indiana Jones and the Fountain of Youth.

Merry Christmas & an Adventurous New Year! 26th December 2003
Just dropping a line to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy new year! No matter how you spend it or what you do, make it a good one! 2003 has been a successful year for adventure games, what with seeing the release of The Adventures Of Fatman and more recently the highly anticipated Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon. Let's just hope that 2004 is just as good, if not better! Well of course it will be - why? Because FoY will be in development!

Chrille Blomqvist Joins Team 22nd November 2003
Some excellent news! Superb AGS programmer Chrille Blomqvist (Pleurghburg: Dark Ages, Calsoon, Calsoon II and the up-coming Revenants) has recently joined the team as our lead programmer. Chrille, who has several years experience with coding in AGS has shown superb abilities with using the engine. We all welcome him to the team and hope to give him a complimentary fedora!

Complete Website Revamp 3rd November 2003
Thanks to the excellent web design skills of Misja van Laatum, FoY has a brand new web-presence. You're probably already gazing at the beauty of the new website - don't worry, so are all of us on the team! With a superb Indy feel and some superb new content, we think you'll enjoy the website just as much as us. Just don't get too attatched to it, or you'll start becomming anti-social.

Indy Trilogy DVD 21st October 2003
Finally! The trilogy is out on DVD, with an extra CD packed with special features. Now we can all relive our favourite moments from Raiders, Temple and Last Crusade all in one evening! Excellent. Go get your copy now!

Hi, My Names Hal Barwood 24th September 2003
There was a discussion at the Amberfish website about the research into Crete for FoA, so I asked Hal Barwood, creator of FoA just exactly how they researched Crete. He told us; "We used many, many pictures from many, many books -- travel, archeology, you name it. During development, coincidentally, one of our artists was on vacation on Santorini, although that just confirmed what we already thought." - interesting stuff! Sadly we won't be able to ship any of our team out to exotic locations this time!

Got some news? Got some Indy related gossip? Don't hesitate, contact us!