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An Indy film without a strong, powerful and enjoyable musical score would be unthinkable, as would any Indy computer game. Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis had a strong, lovely score by Micheal Land, inspired and composed in a similar style to John Williams scores for the films.

FoY intends to have its own unique score. A full MIDI soundtrack to accompany the gameplay and cut-scenes and other special moments, the Indy theme will feature throughout as will totally original music to convey the mood and atmosphere. Once again, it will be reminisant of John Williams film score yet at the same time remenisant of FoA.

The score for the full game will usually start about halfway through development. From the start to finish of the creation of the score, you will be able to read along the way.

Mark, who has composed for freeware adventure games including Trilby's Notes, Larry Vales, Rodekill 2, Reality On The Norm and The Adventures Of Fatman by SOCKO! Entertainment hopes to write over an hour of immersive MIDI music for the game. The soundtrack will be available to download for FREE with the help of good flagship merchant services.

A few music samples are available, as Mark works on his technique of recreating the Indy mood, including his cut-scene test and the slow atmosphere test and finally, his Indiana Jones theme test.

His latest example is for the intro sequence. Mark has been playing around with a tribal drum feel. This is in no way a final piece. He has also worked on some other exploration tunes. Some tunes from his original cut soundtrack will also feature.

You can find more MIDI adventure game soundtracks by Mark at the Mod's MIDI website, with free tunes for you to use in games!


This soundtrack has not yet been released.


The DEMO does NOT feature music from the full game, however it features its own ORIGINAL music - an early test of "FoA" style music composed by Mark. Atmospheric & cut-scene music:

  1. Main Menu (02:04)
  2. Opening Titles (00:52)
  3. Post Office (00:56)
  4. Map / Landing at Bimini (00:38)
  5. Bimini Beach (01:29)
  6. Roam Bimini (1) (01:03)
  7. Isle Map (00:29)
  8. Honk! (00:57)
  9. Round Rock (1) (00:50)
  10. Roam Bimini (2) (02:43)
  11. Roam Digsite (1) (01:18)
  12. Roam Digsite (2) (00:55)
  13. Round Rock (2) (00:49)
  14. Wrong Choice (00:07)
  15. Fight! (00:29)
  16. Nearly Win Fight (00:08)
  17. Nearly Lose Fight (00:08)
  18. Lose Fight / Death Screen (00:50)
  19. Win Fight (02:05)
  20. Open Panel (01:27)
  21. Return to Precepice (01:19)
  22. Finalé (01:30)
  23. End Credits (03:04)

That's over 15 minutes of music in the demo alone!

  • Download ALL tunes as an archive. (.rar)
  • INFO: For authenticity, I always test on a SoundBlaster 16 card!

    CIRCA 2001

    When the game had a different storyline and was being led by Jocke Andersson circa 2000-2001, Mark Lovegrove wrote a soundtrack for the smaller scale project. It was never completed.

    1. Main Theme (02:16)
    2. Barnett College (01:12)
    3. London (02:48)
    4. Burton's Apartment (02:26)
    5. Map Screen (00:32)
    6. Syria - Digsite (02:12)
    7. Syria - Chase (00:37)
    8. The Colloseum Turns (00:30)
    9. Entering Faistos (01:31)
    10. The Desert (02:06)
    11. Boat (01:24)
    12. Tear Gonz (02:06)
    13. The Fountain Of Youth (01:14)

    INFO: Jocke particularly liked the 'Syria - Digsite' tune.

    As for sound effects in the game, we will be using ambient background sounds plus specially recorded sounds unique to the game. More music and sound effect samples will be available soon!

    The team plan to make a talkie edition of the full game, and as a demo is merely a test for our work to come, we are also working on a talkie for the demo. Listen to the voice sample, featuring our voice actor - Chris Lumb.