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The game is concieved by Jocke Andersson, who writes a large script for an FoA fan-game, Fountain of Youth. Using the GLUMOL boards he finds a team of artists & Mark Lovegrove comes aboard as the musician. Some art, characters & music is started.

The game is being made under the name "UA Studios". UA for Ultimate Adventure. The original plan was to use "GLUMOL", a Windows based adventure engine - as AGS was currently only DOS based and was not favoured by the project leader.

There is a dispute about the use of ripped graphics from FoA and Jocke leaves the team. Mark Lovegrove takes over as project leader & tries to get the artists to work on original artwork. Although this happens, only a couple of backgrounds are "tested" and nothing solid is created. It becomes apparent that it is unlikely the artists will be able to cope with such a project, and soon disappear too.

The first background drawn for the game by John Fansler

Probably FoY's worst year - the team now consists of only two active members, Mark Lovegrove & Shawn Guzzo - who go through some storyline ideas. The story is slightly revamped through this period but our main concern is getting a background artist on-board. A message sits on the website and almost nothing is done to the project for a year.

We received a humble email from Misja van Laatum, who appeared to have an amazing talent at drawing classic artwork in the style of Fate of Atlantis. He quickly got underway working with artwork for the game, developed a brand new website and helped completely revamp the project. What a nice guy! :D

The is the original sample Misja submitted. He got an A*

Lorn Conner joined the team as an assistant writer, but soon became our lead writer for the game. His love of Indy and skill at writing helped him develop a truly fantastic and epic storyline for the game, far more vast than any earlier story plans. Pieter Simoons & Andrew MacCormack joined as assistant programmers, who helped shape the demo into its early stages. Thomas Anmarkrud joined the team as our lead programmer and finally brought the demo together to a nearly complete version.

However, before its completion - which was the implementation of Lorn's dialogue - he left the project without ever backing up the game files. He could never be contacted again. This meant finding a new, dedicated programmer - and someone who would be willing to completely re-code the demo from scratch.

Big Brother also contributed a lot of sprites and animations to the demo, but he was not involved with the project for a great length of time.

Lando Hermann was offered the job as a beta-tester, and has since worked his way up into becoming the forum moderator and a character in the demo! Federico Schwindt joined the project as an assistant writer for Lorn, and together they developed new dialogue and puzzles for the demo. Around May this year, Jan Simon kindly joined the team as our new lead programmer and got underway with re-working the demo. Almost exactly a year later, his achievement & hard work was ready to be released.

In May 2006, the demo of the game was finally released and played by thousands of people, for free! The majority enjoyed the work on the demo and the team felt the delayed release only helped make the demo a much more detailed & stronger piecer of work. The demo was a test for the team, too. To be sure we could all work together and with commitment. More graphics for the full-game began, as the intro was completely scripted by Lorn.