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Fighter Special - Easter 2011

It's a Happy Easter from the FoY team as we showcase to you the latest developments on the fighting sections in the game. Naturally, you'll be able to avoid them all - but what if you run into the misfortune of starting a brawl?

In the full game you will be able to choose from arcade fighting with your keyboard or compatible game pad controller or classic fighting with your mouse. Don't forget you can play this tech demo with an XBox 360 controller!

Many features are on display here, including a set of special animations for all of Indy's swift moves. It's up to you to make sure Dr. Jones does not go down without a fight!

This is a 2 Player example and requires two people to play - so get your mate over and see just who is the REAL Indiana Jones! Also, for those of you who do not pay attention to your watches, be aware that time will fly when you play this game!

It's 15mb and you can download and play it free here!

Jan "dkh" Simon - Programming & design
Paul "subspark" Wilkinson - Sprite & Sound FX
Kai Ortmann - Animation
Misja "miez" van Laatum - Artwork
Lando Hermann - Installer
Mark "Mods" Lovegrove - Installer music

To install and play: Download the EXE file above and double click it to run the installation process. Follow the steps and create a desktop shortcut. Then, just double click your desktop shortcut to play! If you have any problems with graphics or sound, just go to the games' installation folder and click "winsetup.exe".

Keep an eye out for Passage of Saints, a festive mini-game to be released by the FoY team before Christmas 2011. Progress on the full game continues steadily...

Your feedback & bug reports are welcome: support at screen7.co.uk

All our games relating to the Fountain Of Youth project are free to play. Thank you to everyone who has shown support toward the project.