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Development Diary

· December 31 2010
It has been a long four years of sweat and blood, with little activity outside of the forums, but we are on track and proud to announce a small surprise that awaits your download!

· March 21 2010
Paul and Miez have provided enormous art support so far and we are certainly a richer production for their regular input. Thanks goes to all our new members who work so tirelessly!

· November 18 2009
Sheer dedication and hard work has landed us in late 2009 where we're smack-bang in the middle of development on the full production with a three important new team members.

· January 10 2006
Two more sketches from Misja. We won't ever get tired of admiring them.

· January 07 2006
Jan starts writing a tutorial. This time it will be about programming, most specifically, about the use of particles in AGS.

· November 30 2005
Thanks to Jan's hard work all this time, the demo is now officially in beta-testing process. Miez has set up a bug-tracker online system to make things easier which is working great.

· November 09 2005
Misja has posted one really large sketch bakground art for the intro, which consists of 192000 pixels he will have to paint one by one.

· November 01 2005
Our main artist has been referencing some photos for a tropical location in the game, today. The kind of pictures that make you wish you were in there, until the sun sets...

· October 31
Miez has posted a new final storyboard for the intro, necessary because of a recent change of Location made by Lorn to this part. Believe me this, even the storyboards look great if they're drawn by Misja.

· September 22 2005
Miez has got a testing job for a Harry Potter game in Germany, Cologne. He will be away for 9 days. He'll continue his work on the storyboard for the intro as soon as he arrives.

· August 13 2005
Mark departs to Mittens, the annual AGS gathering, this year held in Greece. He will be back the 22nd of this month.

· July 28 2005
This afternon a discussion involving Mark, Lorn, and Fed about repetition in the storyline, has resulted in a restructuring of the plot and combination of key concepts.

· July 26 2005
Unexpectedly, Lorn has put up on the website what it is FOY's second tutorial. The tutorial promises to give you some insight into the process our writer goes through when he's working for the project.

· June 02 2005
After the strange dissapearance of YOke the team has recovered the strength to start the re-development of the demo again from zero. For such purpose we welcome Jan, our brave new main scripter for the demo re-production.

· April 30 2005
Apart from his reappearance post 17 days ago, YOke hasn't been heard again. Dark days for the demo.

· April 13 2005
YOke reappears! and posts that his disappearance was caused by burnout from stress in the workplace and life, but all of that appears to be settled and he will continue work on the demo.

· April 04 2005
YOke hasn't been around the forums for three weeks already. We have started to grow worried. (Hmm..do we have enough money in the FOY bank to hire a detective... Nope we don't)

· February 15 2005
Misja completes the sprite for two very spooky characters inside the demo, and also the background where they will be together.

· January 26, 2005
Lando has scripted a nice installer for the demo. Thanks Lando!

· December 26, 2004
As a cristhmas gift, Farlander (Nacho) Joins the team as a sprite artist.

· November 24 2004
Thanks to Miez the team now possesses a brand new online file manager to store, and organize, all the data the we produce.

· November 23
Yoke is now part of the team, with 26 years Yoke has a large experience in programming, he s tarted learning to program when he was 8, quite impressive.

· November 22
Lorn is back from his trip to Colorado, in the exhibit he was particularly impressed by a complete, very well preserved wooden sarcophagus, and a complete set of canopic jars. Hmm canopic jars, sounds like a good idea, maybe we could use it in…

· November 9
Radiant one of our programmers has decided to leave the team concerned about some issues and with the will of working in some personal projects.

· October 27
The foy team was sent an interview from the adventurecorner.de, it will probably available in some time in that page, take a look at it then, to find out some new info about the team.

· October 24
Miez has finished drawing all the sprites for the Indy fighting stances, no more no less than 67 frames.

· October 22
Lorn announces that he’ll be traveling to Colorado for a couple of days, the good news is he’ll be visiting an egyptian exhibit in the Denver Museum of Natural History. He might come back with a some good ideas for the Egypt section of the game.

· September 23
M0ds has shown us the 5 tunes you’ll have the pleasure to hear very soon.

· September 22
M0ds has decided to make a technical demo including the new fully working GUI and a music sound test.

· July 10
An enemy you’ll be fighting in the demo has been drawn by Big brother (72 frames), for sure you’ll have a lot of stuff to look at with the release.

· June 30
Another character sprite completed by BigBrother.

· June 27
One of the characters you’ll be first meeting in the demonstration has been pixelated by BigBrother, this guy is being a great help.

· June 11
Old macouzki drawn, seller of souvenirs in the island. This is the first sprite BigBrother does for us, and we can already tell he’s very talented.

· June 2
The demo is progressing very good now with the help of Radiant, SSH in programming, and Big brother in character drawing. The demo does already include the dialogue with one talkative character and the first two intro scenes. You can't miss it when it comes out!

· May 26
The 15 screens you'll be seeing in the demo have been completed. Miez has been working really hard. The demo is getting closer and closer. A technical demo is almost ready too.

· April 26
Miez has drawn and posted two sketches of the next backgrounds. The GUI is changed to now feature all the original verbs in FOA. Some scripts will have to be re-written to include the new verbs.

· April 20
The story suffers some changes that will certainly improve the final game.

· April 10
Miez shows the very first two images you’ll be seeing in the game. As always amazing work.

· March 25
The story board of the intro scene is shown by Miez.

· March 24
Lorn ends the script scene that comes after the intro.

· March 18
Miez only needed one day to re-draw his background to night-style.

· March 17
Alan quickly draws some Indy positions he had been asked to do. Miez realizes that the background he drew needed to be done for a night scene, and needs to recolor it and so does Alan with his characters.

· March 15
Miez finishes the last background. Alan is asked to draw some characters images for using in the same scene that Miez background.

· March 12
Lorn writes a very high-detailed script for the opening.

· March 10
Miez draws a preview of an outside landscape, for the intro.

· March 3
Miez finishes one of the many backgrounds for the intro and the demo.

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The development diary will tell you all about what's going on with development, plus how much of the project has been completed. Come back soon to view some entries!