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Join our hero once again in this new and exciting version of our playable demo, featuring the beautiful & original artwork of the exotic island of Bimini! Using a unique storyline but including some relevant facts, you discover the paths to the mysterious Fountain! Enjoy several refreshed locations and don't forget - this is just a sample of what is to come. Be sure to LOOK OUT for future demo updates!

EXPLORE the island of Bimini, MEET and INTERACT with friends and foes! Find out who's there and exactly what they are up to!

The DEMO also includes original MIDI music, animated characters and a demonstration of the fighting engine. The full game will boast an even wider range of exciting features including a full digitally recorded soundtrack. There are several puzzles to solve in the DEMO, but beware! None of these will feature in the full game or be as difficult as getting an accounting degree or online MBA, which is probably less fun too.


S7FOY-DEMO (FoyDemo_12_EN.exe) - 8.3MB
Recompiled by Paul Wilkinson


S7FOY-DEMO-DU (FoyDemo_12_NL.exe) - 8.3MB
Translated by Misja van Laatum

MAC USERS - No official MAC version available at this stage.
This game uses Adventure Game Studio, a free engine by Chris Jones. You too can make your own point & click adventures!

What are they looking for on the island?

WRITER Lorn Conner doesn't know

PROJECT LEADER Mark Lovegrove isn't sure

BACKGROUND ARTIST Misja van Laatum hasn't a clue

LEAD PROGRAMMER Jan Simon is extremely puzzled

CHARACTER ARTIST Big Brother has no insight
(nor does Alan Rodrigues)

ADDITIONAL ARTIST Paul Wilkinson hasn't the foggiest

ENIGMA CHIC Federico Schwindt is left eluded

TESTERS Tomas, Len Green, Adventurer, IndyFan2000, Dart, Chicken, Icecoool, Juncmodule aren't getting any warmer

INSTALLATION EXPERT Lando Hermman (isn't present)

WITH BOOKS HIT BY Amberle Johnson

IDEAS BY Shawn Guzzo

MUSIC BY Mark Lovegrove

ADDITIONAL PROGRAMMING BY YOke, SSH & Radiant (none of whom can work it out)


PRODUCED BY Screen 7 (no idea)

LucasArts, LucasFilm LTD & George Lucas wouldn't know - because they're not affiliated with this project

and YOU?


Dr Jones,
All the required documents you asked for have been prepaired. I took the liberty to contact several of my friends from the languages club to translate them on your behalf. Their reply was swift & well received! I hope the texts are of some use to you.

  • Download the 1.2 manual in English

  • Download the 1.2 manual in German
  • Download the 1.0 manual in French
  • Download the 1.0 manual in Italian
  • Download the 1.0 manual in Spanish
  • Download the 1.0 manual in Polish
  • Download the 1.0 manual in Greek
  • Download the 1.0 manual in Finnish

  • View the readme file (English only)


    Thanks for all your kind feedback about our demo. We have compiled some of our favourite messages left on various forums!

    "Great work, I felt almost as if I was back in the good old days when adventure games were point&click and the fact that its a fresh Indy theme makes it that much better." - Flatline

    "I've just finished the demo over here in the UK and to say it's good is a big understatement! The time you've all put into the game really shows in the demo." - KrK

    "...simply amazing! Seriously folks, that was just as good as Lucasarts at their finest. A big congratulations to the whole team. Perfect writing, great animations, amazing music, gorgious background images, it was all there!" - StijnArnauts

    "Congrats to the FOY team! The demo looks, sounds, and ''feels'' awesome!" - Erwin_Br

    "The result of your hard work is just breath-taking ! I am very impressed by the high quality of the content. I love all the small animated details in the locations and characters, the music and the well-balanced ambient sound fits perfectly to the indy like atmosphere. Also the dialogues were nice to read and point out to a great story. I'm a little bit sad now, because I cant await to see the full release coming up." - ScratchFury

    "Whoa! This is really something. Backgrounds, music, ambient sounds, characters... everything is better than I could ever imagine." - Skitso

    "I've played for a half hour or so, still can't get past the Nazi yet, but so far the graphics and interface are lovely, the music and sound is great, and the writing is top notch. Even the lucasarts style in-jokes are right on the mark. Congratulations to the team, so far the whole experience has taken me back 15 or so years to the first time I played FOA." - Jp-30

    "Amazing! A demo that was definitely worth the wait." - the gnome

    "What a terrific demo! Everything rocks... the absolutely fabulous music, the nineties graphics, the Indiana-style dialogues and jokes, the puzzles. This is most certainly one amateur game that is up to any standard, commercial or otherwise." - Betje


  • Download the music from the demo!
  • Play our mini-game Temple of Spheres!
  • Donate now to be added to an exclusive list of people who will receive CD copies of the full-game and demo in due course!

  • "Wish you were here" postcard by Shawn Guzzo

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