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The game, Fountain Of Youth (known by many as FoY) is a freeware point and click adventure game with a similar style to the classic LucasArts adventure, Fate of Atlantis. It is being developed by an international team of enthusiastic fans of both Indiana Jones and point & click adventures.

Our game is not a SEQUEL, it does not continue where Fate of Atlantis finished. In fact, our game is set BEFORE Fate of Atlantis. We consider FoY to be a "sister" product.

The project first came about in 2001, when Jocke Andersson had the idea of making an un-official sequel for "Fate of Atlantis". He considered it to be a small project and retired as project leader in mid 2001.

At this stage, Mark Lovegrove took over the project and revamped it - and has led the project to the current day without any equipment leasing to help. The project has already gone through a lot of team changes, and other changes including a major story re-haul and more.

> An original, deep non-linear storyline
> Classic 320x200 resolution
> Beautifully illustrated Truecolor backgrounds
> Wonderfully animated characters, meet, talk, interact & fight
> Over a hundred rooms to explore
> Meet over twenty interesting main characters
> Innovative design including an all-in-one intergrated pathfinder
> Brand new interactive character & environmental effects
> Play & control multiple characters
> IQ points & a completely upgraded user-interface
> Over 50 hidden easter-eggs
> An original classic MIDI soundtrack
> An all-new library of recorded sound effects
> Full-screen animation in a large variety of cut-scenes
> And much, much more!

Interesting Information

  • Coding for FoY didn't start until 2003.

  • The FoY demo has been downloaded by over 40,000 people!

  • It takes Misja an average of a week to sketch, draw and finish a background.

  • Jan has completely recoded the demo from scratch after we lost all the game files along with our ex-programmer.

  • Alan has already drawn over twenty animations for the game, little does he know the total could be up to two hundred!

  • Apart from the title of the game, most of the design is completely different to the 2001 design by Jocke Anderrson.

  • Everything in the game except for some location and character names is original.

  • FoY appeared on a German television programme, "GigaTV", and the demo was reviewed in top UK magazines "PC Gamer" and "PC Zone".


1) Does FoY continue on where FoA left off?
No! FoY is not a sequel to FoA. It is set before FoA and has a brand new storyline to FoA. We consider it to be a "sister product" to FoA, but it is in no way connected to the storyline or FoA.

2) When will the full game be released?
This is not something we're currently able to answer, it often gets us into trouble! We've got a lot to do, but plenty of time to do it.

3) When will the demo be released?
It IS released! The demo became was released on May 26th 2006. The first release Version 1.0 was quite buggy in places, and has been replaced with a version 1.1.

4) Where is the rolling demo?
It is floating about the place but is not available for download any longer. We hope to create a revised version to show off parts of the full game when it is ready!

5) How much is the game going to cost?
Nothing! It will be absolutley free to download and play.

6) Are you still recruiting?
Not at the moment, but keep an eye out on the pin-board for future offers.

7) What languages will the game be in?
A wide variety! We've had offers from many, many people. Primarily it will be released in English, but we will then form a team of translators who will convert the games dialogue into different languages.

7a) Can I be a translator?
Sure, but please don't email us about translations yet. We'll let you know when we are looking for translators!

8) What programs do you use to make FoY?
We're using a variety of programs, including Adventure Game Studio, Paint Shop Pro, Cakewalk Express, Microsoft Word... Full list of programs we're using will be written here soon.

9) Will there be a talkie version?
Providing we get sponsors and donations, and can afford to make a talkie, we will. This however, is something we're not going to look into until we get further into the development of the full game.

10) Will the game have multiple paths/endings?
Yes, but paths will occur throughout the gameplay, rather than starting at a significant point (like in FoA). The paths you take will of course affect your IQ points, the game will also indentify whether you're a brainy, brawny or team orientated player - and may change scenarios depending on your actions.

11) Will the game feature arcade sequences?
Yes, they will be in there. It will be possible to play the game and miss all these sequences entirely, but that will come with replaying the game (the game will be replayable at least 3 times).

12) Will the game borrow the combat system from FoA?
There will be a similar combat system in the game, but all fights will be avoidable providing you choose the right "path".

13) Will the game use the IQ system?
Yes! Every action you take and make will affect your IQ score.

14) What is the music going to be - MIDI or MP3?
The DOWNLOADABLE version of the game will feature a full MIDI soundtrack. We are activley working on arranging a live orchestral recording of the original score for a 'special release' version of the game.

Do you have a question? Contact us!

Have you seen this? In FoA, when you are trying to sell the mask to Omar-Al-Jabbar, one of the things he gives to you is a baseball ball "signed by Lou Gherigh", as he says. But if you look at the ball, it's signed by "Ron Gilbert".